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Meet Your Tribe, Master Your Gifts & Make a Difference

1 Million Empaths

Welcome to a high-vibe community for deep thinkers with huge hearts

Have you always felt like the oddball, the weirdo or misunderstood? 

There’s good news. Nothing’s wrong; you’re a sensitive, intuitive soul. There are millions of us out there, across the world! 

If you’ve been longing to connect with other empaths, lightworkers, mystics, intuitives and spiritual seekers, you’re invited to come inside and be our guest.

1 Million Empaths is a safe space to be unapologetically authentic, meet other sensitives like you, and strengthen your natural gifts.

'I'm having huge awakenings to my gifts and abilities; how necessary it was for me in the past to retreat and leave my body; and how miraculous, beautiful and fascinating it is to become more 'me' embodied. I have been so afraid to show myself. Slowly but surely, I am seeing that it's safe; that I am safe. I am incredibly grateful for--and liberated by--this community!'
- Member from United States

We know being an empath often feels lonely. You feel everything, all the time. Perhaps you're watching our species and our planetary ecosystem balancing on the edge; the challenges we face can seem insurmountable.

  • Do you wish everyone on Earth had access to water, food and shelter?
  • Do you know there has to be a cleaner, sustainable energy source?
  • Are you concerned about how technology will shape our future?
  • Are you ready for a more equitable financial and social system?
  • Do you believe we must do better at nurturing all our children?
  • Do you have a strong desire to achieve world-wide peace?

Take a moment to outstretch your arms to connect energetically with the entire planetary grid of empathic, intuitive and conscious souls. Each shining their unique light through teaching, healing, speaking, coaching, inventing, communicating, nurturing, building and creating. 

Can you feel the energy of millions of us out there, making a difference? Dropping our small stone in the global pond to start the ripple. None of us need to feel like we are responsible to shoulder all of the world's problems alone, yet together we're calling forth a new era of consciousness. 

'What I know is we are in a spiritual evolution, becoming a different species - one of compassion and love. It's not an easy birth, but community is definitely one of the key requirements during this phase of human development.'
- Member from Australia

Listen as our co-founders, Terrie Horvatic and Bevin Niemann, share why we formed this community and how our members are learning and growing:


Our long-term mission? 

Connect 1 million empaths, lightworkers 
and conscious leaders from across the globe

Our name acknowledges there are already more than 1 million empaths, lightworkers and conscious leaders out there, making a difference in your local communities. 

We're here to foster meaningful connections, help you master your empathic gifts and amplify your work in the world.

Each point of light on the map represents an empath who's already joined our personal and professional support system.

'I love my newfound connection to others with similar intuitive gifts who understand the challenges, responsibilities and surprises involved. The support and encouragement fills me with gratitude.'  
- Member from Canada

We've set the foundation to be a diverse, global community. There's plenty of space inside, especially for lightworkers and conscious leaders in countries where the map is wide open. We know you're out there impacting others, we sense your loving hearts. 

1 Million Empaths is an online sanctuary to help you: 

  • meet your tribe;
  • master your gifts;
  • and make a difference.

Meet Your Empathic Tribe

If you've been struggling to find a place to be open and authentic as an empathic, intuitive, visionary soul, welcome to our high-vibe sanctuary. 

Where being understood and honored for your sensitivity is the norm. 

Twice a month, we host a live Zoom call to help you connect and develop healthy, supportive friendships with other sensitive people. We share stories about how we're growing, the challenges we're navigating and what we're grateful for. 

Imagine, being on a call where you don't have to explain your way of being, it's such a relief to look around to see everyone nodding in affirmation.

'What a wonderful online gathering! It was amazing to feel the energy of the group, very nourishing for my soul. Bravo to the organizers and attendees, thank you for sharing your light and creating a safe, nourishing space.'
- Member from South Africa

Master Your Sensitive, Intuitive Gifts

If you've been holding back from exploring having prophetic dreams, your ability to astral travel, communicate with loved ones who've passed on, clairvoyant visions or numerous other 'weird' or unusual happenings - there's no need to hide any longer.

Before we become trained to use our perceptive gifts, they often feel overwhelming. Many empathic people try to shut them down out of fear, shame or trying to 'fit in'. 

Come inside and commune with those who experience life like you do. We can talk openly and confidentially - about any topic! 

Browse hundreds of articles and resources plus watch our two video courses to master your sensitive gifts. Explore at your own pace and new content is added weekly to keep things fresh.

'I appreciate all the welcomes to this community! I am new to this personal discovery about my sensitivity. I am shocked and stunned at all the changes that are going on around me just by accepting who I am. I'm watching the video series on thriving as a perceptive soul - it's been great so far and very instructive.'
- Member from United States

Make a Difference, in Your Unique Way

       It's time for sensitive people to redefine leadership on our own terms.

Chances are, you may not even consider yourself a leader - giving to others is simply a part of your nature. Your soul is called to make our world a kinder place. Yet, as a conscious, sensitive person, you can easily take on too much, over-give and burn out.

  • First, Leadership begins with Self. How you choose to live from a deep state of connection, authenticity and personal conviction. Making self-care a way of life and listening to your inner knowing.
  • Second, Leadership extends to your Inner Circle. Your closest confidants, biological and 'chosen family' and loved ones. This is what we call the practice arena, where you hone assertive communication skills, learn to both give and receive and set healthy boundaries.
  • Third, Leadership expands to your Community. These are the causes you volunteer for and donate to, how you show up in your workplace, in local and online communities, role-modeling empathy and compassion.
  • Finally, Leadership leads to Legacy. How do your daily choices impact generations to come and, what are you creating right now that you will pass on to those who come next?

Twice a year, we open applications for a special program called The Wisdom Circle for Novice Entrepreneurs. Designed for those who wish to apply their empathic, intuitive and creative gifts to build a sustainable, conscious business, this year-long journey with a small cohort of other novice entrepreneurs creates a strong foundation for a life that lights you up. To view all of the details and be notified when the next application round opens, visit this link.

How we choose to treat each other

These few, clear points help us to co-create a positive space for everyone inside:

  • Be responsible for the energy you bring (supportive, uplifting) 
  • Allow others to handle their own journey (relate, not advise)
  • Focus on your learning and insights (sharing, not venting)
  • Maintain confidentiality (what's shared, stays inside)
  • Honor our similarities and our diversity (be open-minded)
  • Connect and collaborate (to expand potential)
  • Explore your capacity for authenticity and vulnerability
  • You may post anything, as long as you created it (original work, please)

Our community as an ad-free and promotion-free zone. We're all inundated with advertisements in so many other areas online, it's a relief to log-on and simply find meaningful conversations, relevant stories and practical resources. 

We have many members who are entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, healers, creatives or other service providers. You're welcome to post any content you create, as long as you edit out the sales bits. This includes videos with an 'ask' or links to external websites. 

Is our community right for you?

  • You're age 18+ and a sensitive, empathic, intuitive person from anywhere on our planet, who's committed to heartfelt service. Leadership is not just for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies but is present every day within your family, as a volunteer, in your workplace, on any size stage or no stage at all. Most heart-based leadership happens outside the spotlight, in small, meaningful ways we impact those around us.
  • You're interested in developing yourself personally and professionally.
  • You seek loving and reciprocal relationships with like-minded souls.
  • You crave new ideas, alternative viewpoints, different ways of being.
  • You want a higher-vibrational experience than most social media outlets.
  • You're excited about being an active contributor and creator.
  • You honor the diversity of others through words, beliefs and actions.
  • You agree to practice assertive and non-violent communication.
  • You view everything that happens as an opportunity to learn and grow.

'What brings me to the community is the opportunity to learn. I am sensitive to a lot of things around me, but the resources here are helping me understand it better. Helps me give names to the energies and learn new techniques for using my abilities.'
- Member from India

What you receive as a member:

  • A safe place to be who you truly are - full out. If you've never been able to be truly open about how you experience life as an empath, intuitive or highly sensitive person, get ready for radical acceptance!
  • 365/24/7 access on web & mobile app to a global community of tuned-in sensitive souls like you - supporting each other as we grow and serve
  • Resource Library - hundreds of articles, videos and e-books with new content added every week
  • Video Series #1: Perceptive Souls Thriving - a 10-part video series to watch and integrate when it's convenient for you
  • Video Series #2: Confidence for Sensitive and Empathic Leaders - a six-part video series to absorb and apply at your own pace
  • Live, bi-weekly Zoom Gathering - our live workshops and sharing circles allow our members to reach across continents and countries to connect around shared interests
  • No algorithm, no advertising - you choose the people and topics to follow

'I just read about the courageous journey of a perceptive soul and it's me. It can feel so overwhelming and lonely to care so much. I joined, hoping to learn more about myself. Thank you for supporting those like me.'
- Member from Australia

Are you ready to invest in your growth and expansion?

We've noticed most sensitive people are strong givers and yet, often feel uncomfortable focusing on their needs. We can all use some practice being a gracious receiver. And yet, when a empathic soul decides to invest in their own growth and expansion, their capacity to make a difference is amplified. 

Any inner work you do is reflected ten-fold in the outer world. 

We're committed to ensuring our global community is inclusive, and we recognize economic situations in some parts of our world, and for some people, may make receiving the personal and professional support you need, financially challenging.

Sustainable revenue, something that feels good to our heart and for our business, is for members to pay $24.99/month USD. This supports our time to develop and post new content each week, moderate discussion threads, host bi-weekly live calls and covers our technology expenses. After surveying similar communities in the marketplace, most are priced between $50-100/month, so we feel good about this lower-cost, reciprocal exchange. 

We also offer an annual subscription, as some told us they prefer to pay all at once. The annual subscription provides 12 months of membership for a reduced price of 10 months. 

*Our membership is a non-refundable monthly or annual investment, however if there comes a time when our community no longer resonates, you may cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is 1 Million Empaths different from groups on social media?

We're co-creating a private, dedicated online space, free from the distractions of advertising, promotions and a zillion other stimuli pulling at your attention. We exist to support your growth — not create more overwhelm!

We are a subscription-based community because we want to attract members who truly want to be active participants. If you love community connection as much as we do, we'd love to welcome you inside!

Is there a mobile app?

Yes. Our platform is hosted by Mighty Networks, and there's a Mighty Networks mobile app (available at both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store) which makes it easy to take the our community with you wherever you go. However, none of our content requires the mobile app to make use of it.

Our members tend to check in more often because they have access to the mobile app. Of course, you can also log-on via laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

Ready to join?

Click the Choose A Plan button at the top of the page and we look forward to meeting you inside!

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