Empowered Sensitive Leaders

It's time to pursue your soul mission and embody your CONFIDENT presence.

Welcome to our freely open community for:

  • Spiritual, wellness and healing practitioners
  • Conscious entrepreneurs
  • Sacred activists 
  • Artists, musicians, writers, actors, storytellers
  • Lightworkers, empaths and mystics with a heart for service 
  • Emerging spiritual leaders

'What I know is we are in a spiritual evolution, becoming a different species - one of compassion and love. It's not an easy birth, but your community is definitely one of the key requirements during this phase of human development.'

- Community member from Australia

We're co-creating a sacred space so you can connect meaningfully with like-hearted souls, be uplifted and refill your energy tanks before going back out there. 

Inside our freely open community, you have the opportunity to just be, and most importantly to be radically YOU. We developed this space because we know what's it's like as an empathic leader, thinking we must always be focused on helping others. 

Learning to relax and receive requires mindful practice. 

Accept our invitation to graciously receive support, resources and insight for your personal, professional and spiritual journey.

Our focus on Sensitive Leadership:

You may not even consider yourself a leader; giving to others is simply a part of your nature. Your soul is called to make our world a kinder place. Yet, as a conscious, sensitive person, you can easily take on too much, over-give and burn out. 

Our live events and self-study materials help you to master 4 Levels of Leadership:

  • First, Leadership begins with Self. Choosing to live from a deep state of connection, authenticity and personal conviction. Making self-care a way of life and trusting your inner knowing.
  • Second, Leadership extends to your Inner Circle. Your closest confidants, biological, 'chosen family' and loved ones. This is what we call the practice arena, where you hone assertive communication skills, learn to both give and receive and set healthy boundaries.
  • Third, Leadership expands to your Community. The causes you volunteer for and donate to, how you show up in your workplace, in local and online communities, expressing your will in public matters, role-modeling empathy and compassion. This is where you build confidence, express your voice and stand up for what you believe in.
  • Finally, Leadership creates a Legacy. How your daily choices impact generations to come and what you're creating right now that you may be able to pass on to those who come next.

'I love my newfound connection to others with similar intuitive gifts who understand the challenges, responsibilities and surprises involved. The support and encouragement fills me with gratitude.'  

- Community member from United States

Connect with Aligned Colleagues

You're invited to connect meaningfully on our social feed and live coaching calls where you are seen, heard and honored for the amazing human/soul you are. 

Develop supportive friendships and collaborative relationships with sensitive leaders from 5 continents and numerous countries. We share stories about the lessons we're learning, how we're growing and what we're grateful for. 

Together, we hold a sacred vision for the expansion of Consciousness.

'What a wonderful online gathering! It was amazing to feel the energy of the group, very nourishing for my soul. Bravo to the organizers and attendees, thank you for sharing your light and creating a safe, nurturing space.'

- Community member from South Africa

Your Membership Includes:

Live Coaching Call - 1st Sunday of the month

Bring questions about career decisions, how to unveil your soul mission, everyday life as an energetically sensitive empath, or leadership dilemmas you are facing. Receive practical tips and tools you can put into place right away to make a shift.

Deep Online Dialogues

Our conversations are epic! Connect vulnerably and safely, be supported by others in the community, post a philosophical question, share your incredible writing, artwork or other points of inspiration. Be witnessed for how you're growing and expanding!

Resource Library

Browse hundreds of articles and resources on the most common growth areas sensitive leaders face, both personally and professionally. 

Self-Study Courses

  • Perceptive Souls Thriving course (10 video lessons)
  • Path to Your Life Purpose training (3 video lessons)
  • Coming soon: 7 Answers for Empaths course
  • Coming soon: 4 Levels of Leadership training

24/7 access through a free mobile app 

Our community is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform, and there's a free mobile app (available at the App Store and Google Play) which makes it easy to take the our community with you wherever you go. Our members tell us they tend to check in more often through the mobile app. You can also log-on via laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

'I appreciate all the welcomes to this community! I am deep in personal discovery about my sensitivity. I am shocked and stunned at all the changes that are going on around me just by accepting who I am. I'm watching the video series on thriving as a perceptive soul - it's been great so far and very instructive.'

- Community member from Canada

How we treat each other:

  • Be responsible for the energy you bring (supportive, uplifting) 
  • Allow others to make their own choices (relate, not advise)
  • Focus on your learning from challenges (sharing, not venting)
  • Maintain confidentiality (what's shared stays inside)
  • Honor our similarities and our diversity (be open-minded)
  • Connect and collaborate (to expand potential)
  • Explore your capacity for authenticity and vulnerability
  • You may post anything, as long as you created it (original work, please)

Our community is a promotion-free zone. 

We're inundated with advertisements in so many other areas of life, it's a relief to log-on and engage in meaningful conversations, relevant stories and practical resources. 

Most of our members are entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, healers, creatives or other practitioners and service providers. We're here to support each other and grow our leadership abilities, not to make sales. Our members don't pitch their offerings on the social feed or through private messaging. 

You're welcome to post any content you create, as long as you edit out the sales bits. This includes videos or articles with an 'ask' or links to external websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, etc.

I absolutely love this community!!! The facilitators are loving and caring souls who create a safe space to explore topics to empower HSPs. It's a space I feel understood and accepted for my entire journey... I've learned so much about embracing my sensitive nature as a strength and how to live a more balanced life honoring my sacred gifts!! Could not recommend more!!!

- Community member from Hawaii

Is our community right for you?

  • You're a sensitive soul with a heart for service.
  • You're ready to step into your next level of sacred leadership.
  • You desire healthy and reciprocal relationships.
  • You crave new ideas, alternative viewpoints, different ways of being.
  • You honor the diversity of others through words, beliefs and actions.
  • You practice assertive and non-violent communication.
  • You view everything as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • You're deepening your emotional intelligence.
  • You are self-reflective and self-accountable.
  • You're excited about being an active participant in our community.

'What brings me to the community is the opportunity to learn. I am sensitive to a lot of things around me, but the resources here are helping me understand it better. I'm learning techniques for using my gifts for good.'

- Community member from India

Ready to join us?

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