It's time to focus on YOU!

Live each day with peace, connection, self-trust, and purpose

As an intuitive empath, you've been conditioned to seek external cues for how you 'should' be living. In childhood, your parents and caregivers passed on their values about careers, relationships, health, and hobbies. You then went out into the world as an adult and received more messages from peers, the media, and employers. 

This is what 'adulting' looks like, here is how 'work' must be defined, this is the relationship box you need to fit into. 

The good news? Energetically sensitive people CAN live each day with greater peace, connection, self-trust and purpose.

A life you enjoy getting out of bed for, with more free time, creative expression, and sacred play. Having a clear sense of Self. Engaging in healthy, loving and reciprocal relationships. Making conscious choices to pursue what lights you up!

But your inner skeptic tells a different story. 

You'll always be drained from sensing intense energies.
Your monkey mind doesn't know how to be quiet and calm.
What if you're too much, too sensitive, too emotional?
How can you trust your inner knowing?
You feel guilty saying no and disappointing others.
It's not possible to make a sustainable living doing what you love.
Others get to be healthy and happy, but not you.

Please know, you're not the only sensitive person who's felt self-doubt.

Empaths often 'fall into' relationships, jobs, responsibilities, and caregiving in order to please others, or to keep things around us harmonious. This person likes me, so I should like them back. This job isn't too bad, I can make it work. This person is my family, I have to take care of them when they need me.

It can feel strange to prioritize what YOU want and need, and to stand for that regardless of whether people around you agree, or not. 

That's exactly why we created this community

It takes courage to make personal and professional changes to live radically authentic. People may not understand, you might be seen as an outlier, and it's guaranteed you'll need to leave behind the familiar to step into the unknown.

You need support from others who are walking a similar path of transformation. Community is the best antidote for loneliness, a safe space to share stories and ideas, and most importantly be seen, heard and honored for exactly who you are.

"What I know is we are in a spiritual evolution, becoming a different species - one of compassion and love. It's not an easy birth, but your community is definitely one of the key requirements during this phase of human development."

Our members are prioritizing their needs and daring to take action towards the life they really want:

Like one member from Brazil, who released a stressful medical career to launch a support group for moms who always put themselves last. She's walked that path personally, and now extending a hand back to those a few steps behind her.

Another member from Hawaii, who after years working in the school system, noticed students struggling with low self-worth. She's envisioning a book series that helps children build a healthier sense of self. 

A member from the UK who recently realized that a life-long love of art is more than just an occasional hobby. They are transitioning their career, step by step.

One member from the United States who's shifting an overscheduled therapy practice into a group coaching model, to free up time and energy.  

Or a member from India, who left a high-pressured job in the tech industry to become an activist for environmental sustainability. 

Big changes happen when empaths become lifestyle designers.

Transition from anxiety & overwhelm -> to regularly being calm and centered.
Get off the emotional rollercoaster -> using tools to process intense emotions.
Stop feeling misunderstood -> accept and embody Self.
Instead of constantly giving -> become a gracious receiver.
Shift from codependency -> to equitable relationships.
Release draining work -> and embrace your sacred play.
Minimize external opinions -> step boldly into self-trust.
Let go of imposter syndrome -> and own your wisdom.
Look forward to getting up each morning to an aligned life!

"What brings me to the community is the opportunity to learn. I am sensitive to a lot of things around me, but the resources here are helping me understand it better. I'm learning techniques for using my gifts for good."


Create a vision for ALL aspects of your life and take ONE step after another to shift into greater resonance.

Reclaim your time and your energy. Do things that you love. Dance to the daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms - that suit you. Spend each day in the best way possible, feel the way you want to, and be of service to others without losing your mind, body, or soul.

Lifestyle design includes all the following elements:

Connect with souls on a similar journey

Who will you meet inside?

  • Empaths, lightworkers, and mystics
  • Spiritual leaders and sacred activists
  • Holistic and spiritual entrepreneurs
  • Artists, musicians, writers, actors, and storytellers

Develop friendships and professional relationships with sensitive leaders from six continents and more than 20 countries. Be seen, heard and celebrated for the incredible soul + human you are. Share the lessons you're learning, how you're growing and what you're grateful for.

"What a wonderful online gathering! It was amazing to feel the energy of the group, very nourishing for my soul. Bravo to the organizers and attendees, thank you for sharing your light and creating a safe, nurturing space."

Your membership includes:

Monthly Sharing Circles
1st Saturday of each month, we gather to share stories, connect around our commonalities, and feel the relief when you realize so many of our members experience life in a similar way.

Monthly Intuitive Development Workshops
 3rd Saturday of each month, gain a practical tool to help you access your intuition on demand. You don't have to wait for signs and synchronicities to illuminate your next steps, you can ask at any time and rapidly receive answers. 

Daily Dialogues from a Mobile App
Engage in dialogues with like-hearted sensitives. Creating something new? Let us know. Excited about a breakthrough? We'll cheer you on! Feeling frustrated and need a pick-me-up? We've got your back.

Course: Perceptive Souls Thriving 
This 10-part video training helps you move from overwhelm to calm, from overthinking to aligned. Understanding yourself as an HSP, empath and/or intuitive is the key to lifestyle design.

Course: 7 Chakras for Empaths
We gathered the top 7 questions that over 12,000 intuitive empaths have asked us and through a series of guided videos, take you on a healing journey through the entire chakra system.

Course: 4 Levels of Leadership
This 4-part video training demonstrates how leadership happens at all levels, in every sector of society. Self, Family, Community and Legacy.

Course: The Path to Your Life Purpose
Learn about the eight thresholds we all navigate as we seek a deeper purpose for our lives. Know that whatever stage you're currently navigating, you're exactly where you're meant to be.

Course: Craft Your Conscious Business
Whether you are brand new to entrepreneurship, or have been running a business for some time, this 12-module course helps you gain clarity on your niche, establish your unique brand, choose the right platform to market your offerings, price your work, and conduct business from a place of deep integrity.

Lightworkers' Festival for Global Unity
This event went live in April 2022, however, we recorded everything, so you can watch at your convenience. Tune-in to enlightened dialogues with a dozen lightworker mentors, experience breathwork, meditation, ecstatic dance, and gongs, bells and bowls.

Is our community right for you?

  • You're a sensitive person who's ready for a lifestyle or career change.
  • You are spiritually open, crafting your own unique practice.
  • You desire healthy, loving, and reciprocal relationships.
  • You crave new ideas, alternative viewpoints, different ways of being.
  • You honor the diversity of others through words, beliefs and actions.
  • You view everything as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • You're strengthening your emotional intelligence.
  • You're self-reflective and self-accountable.
  • You practice assertive and non-violent communication.
  • You're ready to become an empathic lifestyle designer.

"I love my newfound connection to others with similar intuitive gifts who understand the challenges, responsibilities and surprises involved. The support and encouragement fill me with gratitude."

What we stand for:

Sensitive people represent a cross-section of humanity and have a variety of lived experiences. This is a global community, with members from numerous countries. We are unified in many ways, yet also beautifully diverse.

Our offerings are rooted in feminist, anti-racist, LGBTQ-friendly, class-aware, decolonizing, and globally interdependent, earth-honoring ethics. We are actively working to dismantle hierarchy and dominance culture. 

We use our platform to bring awareness to inequities and to address discrimination and oppression. Our leadership is committed to continuously educating ourselves to reveal biases and make choices that minimize harm to those around us.

Who are we?

Bevin Niemann has been gathering sensitive people in community for almost a decade, to heal, learn and evolve. She is a mentor for emerging spiritual leaders, an avid gardener and author of The Abundant Empath book.

Terrie Horvatic is a master teacher and guide, helping community members to feel welcome and connected. Pet parent to two amazing felines, she facilitates our monthly live Sharing Circles.  

"I absolutely love this community!!! The facilitators are loving and caring souls who create a safe space to explore topics that empower HSPs. It's a space I feel understood and accepted for my entire journey... I've learned so much about embracing my sensitive nature as a strength and how to live a more balanced life honoring my sacred gifts. Could not recommend more!!!"

How to Join Us

We believe EVERYONE should have a safe space to belong, with access to high quality personal, professional and spiritual growth resources. Therefore, we choose to offer our community and its resources for a price almost any sensitive leader, from any country can afford. 

Choose a monthly subscription (no minimum time commitment) or save 10% on an annual subscription. Currency exchange available for Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, EU, and South Africa, with more countries to be added soon. 

Are you ready to make conscious connections with other lightworkers, empaths and mystics? Ready to craft a lifestyle and a career that nurtures your sensitivity?

To begin your one-week free trial, click the ruby button...

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